Our Services

1-Air duct cleaning
Your central air conditioning and heating system provides an ideal environment for fungal and bacterial growth, and the spread of dust and other allergens thought the home. These impurities cause stake, musty odors and can seriously aggravate allergies. Al-Mira Steamatic's air duct cleaning process inhibits unpleasant odors and drastically reduces air contaminants. 
Independent test prove that Al-Mira Steamatic's professional air duct cleaning services can remove up to 82.6% of the mildew, mold and bacteria air contaminants in your home. A clean air circulation systems improves air flow by up to 30%, increases your unit's cooling and heating efficiency by up to six degrees, and can lower the energy costs in your home.

2-Cleaning &degreasing of kitchen exhaust system
Al-Mira Steamatic also cleans and Maintains Kitchen Extraction System. Al-Mira Steamatic fully cleans area from kitchen hoods to kitchen Exhaust.
3-Steam cleaning, deodorizing decontamination carpet and sofa
The patents Steamatic carpet cleaning system utilizes a controlled heat process that removes dust, dirt and stains deep down to the fiber base. In independent test, Steamatic reduce the level of bacteria, yeast and mold microorganism in carpeting by an average of 92.5%. This proven soil-extraction method is safe for use on stain-resistant carpeting because Al-Mira Steamatic does not use harsh chemicals, shampoos or detergents. The gentle process can prolong the life of your carpet and reduce cleaning frequency. Al-Mira Steamatic technician can also apply optional carpet protector products.  

4-Scotch guarding

5-Dry cleaning of curtain
Delicate fabrics can be dry cleaned safely on location without shrinking using the Lambrite dry cleaning process. Soil, dirt and dust are gently lifted out of drapery fabrics, and smoky or musty odors are eliminated. Since the hand-cleaned drapery pleats and swags retain their shape, no pressing is required. Al-Mira Steamatic will also clean the curtain rods.  

6-Post construction &general cleaning of building

7-Marble cleaning , grinding & polishing

8-Fire & water damage clean up
Al-Mira Steamatic provides emergency restoration services. We begin by providing emergency services to stop the damage and protect your property.