DENTALOf Al-Mira Centre For Trading Co. Ltd. Run by dentist In All Our Branches, In The Sales Fields and Marketing. Some Well-Known Manufactures In The Dental Field Supplying Different Types Of Materials And Equipment, Some Of Them Are As Follows.




The GCof the 21st century takes a global approach to people's health and happinessThrough dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world, GC's quality dental care products make a major contribution to people's health. As a dental product manufacturer of global standing, GC Corporation constantly seeks to produce original products that are environmentally friendly as well as patient friendly and going a step ahead of patient's needs, while at the same time taking great care to minimize the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment.Producing products that are people friendly and earth friendly, we will continue to create highly value-added products so as to provide oral health to the people of the world during the 21st century, a century we regard as the century of health.


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GC Corp. - Japan. DENTAL MATERIALS Luting/Adhesive materials, Restorative materials, Impression materials, Waxes, Stones/Investments, Denture base resins, Other resins, Artificial teeth/Porcelain, Dental alloys, Abrasives/Burs, Root canal instruments, Hand instruments, Preventive products, Infection control related products, Other materials, Related devices.


Surgical Instuments of Micro- and Neuro Surgery, Endoscopy, including, Laparoscopy ,Urology ,Hysteroscopy ,Arthroscopy ,Sinuscopy ,Video units ,Gyneacology ,Heart-, Thorax- and Vessel-Surgery ,Orthopeadics ,Abdominal-Surgery ,HF-Surgery

Prestige Medical - U.K: Is one of the world's leading manufacturers of bench-top autoclaves.

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Frank Dental: area of rotary instruments for dentists, orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, preventive treatment practices and laboratories - sterilised or non sterilised packaged. - technologie vom tegernsee

Svenska Dentorama AB: is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers and exporters of dental consumables

ANGELUS INDUSTRIA DE PRODUTOS ODONTOLÓGICOS S/A.: Manufactures of Endodontics, Laboratory, Preventive dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics.

JUN-AIR –Denmark: Supplies clean and quiet air – a complete compressed air solution In dental clinics, laboratories, for food and beverages, graphics, door opening devices, medical and health equipmentsb Etc….

SAS RUBBER PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.: Manufacturers and Exporters of High quality disposable Latex Gloves.