Carpets Special Orders

The client goes to shop carpets always look for a piece into our home system complements the decor at home has identified what he wants from furniture , walls , lighting and decorative plaster and curtains .. And often carpet step is the last step of him where everything was completed .. Go to more than one store and looking for the final episode of a series of imagination in house in order .. He knows what he wants .. Knows the shape of the carpet , which he wants and knows WVGA color and in his imagination , but Istadm always reality and that he rarely finds what is expected and that the true color and shape who wants it finds an appropriate measured .. And vice
We in the Department of Manufacturing sector does not stop at a certain point .. Get ahead of the limits of imagination of the customer in the form of carpet , which wants consistent with all the components of his house .. Go to home to his site and identify all corners of the decor and define the client what is the right size and design is appropriate and what is the appropriate colors .. Where designers begin their work using the highest technology of carpet design programs to mix what was filmed in the location of the furniture and curtains and Aarorac wall and ceilings busy .. all in the mix to come out harmonic design a rug designed for you alone .. .. Just for the sake of your .. council Colors and design and size .. All of them say so
Then starts the manufacturing stage with the latest carpet-weaving machines with the strongest thread in unbearable and colors fixed under the strongest pressure which conform to international standards and local
Manufacturing Division offe Meera center for furniture and carpet startled both deal with him over the years in the great projects of mosques and palaces , hotels and wedding halls and houses .. No matter how big or small, square
Also design and manufacture of carpet you what you can put it on the wall of the Two Holy Mosques views , landscapes and even personal photos .. We do not have to limit him stand